More than drivers...Area Experts


WilminGo drivers are area experts dedicated to ensuring your ride from point A to B is an unforgettable experience. Our drivers are trained on not only transportation safety but Wilmington's history, local events areas of interest and more.

If you have never been to the beautiful, historical downtown area, hop on a WilminGo Cart and immerse yourself in all that the vicinity has to offer. 


Our Team

Are you a social butterfly that loves Downtown Wilmington? Interested in driving for WilminGO and having a blast while you work?

BPG 25th Anniversary
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WilminGO Wilmington DE
University of Delaware Wilmington DE

When you support WilminGO, You are supporting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship

WilminGO is a partnership between The Buccini/Pollin Group (BPG) and the University of Delaware Horn school of Entrepreneurship. BPG has created the BPG-Horn Summer Fellows program to financially support Horn internships annually in order to create and foster new business plans within the City of Wilmington. 

The BPG-Horn Fellows Program is one of BPG’s most exciting partnerships. It creates a foundation for Delaware’s pre-eminent entrepreneurship program, The Horn School, to launch exciting start-ups in the City of Wilmington, a bridge between the University of Delaware and City of Wilmington, and further our City’s position as one of the most dynamic in the country.
— Chris Buccini, Co-Founder of The Buccini/Pollin Group